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Marisa Consulting began in May 2020 and was formed to fill a need in Ambulatory Healthcare.

 When Covid started there was so much unrest in healthcare.  I was forced out of my comfort zone.  I lost my job after 17 years working for the same dr building his brand and all his multiple endeavors.  I was shown along the path to employment that the knowledge that I had collected over the last 17 years was extremely more valuable than I expected.  I was able to learn every part of ambulatory surgery and clinical operations.  I have been able to offer a more complete package to ASC owners.  Over the last 3 years I have been able to open Ambulatory Surgery Centers and pass inspections with perfect scores, I have been able to hone my craft.  I have been able to gain more knowledge in multiple states by learning the state specific Life Safety Codes.  I have had the opportunity to speak at Networking Events and Becker's Healthcare ASC Conference about all aspects of ASC operations. I have developed an internal and external Risk Management program.  Consulted on design and build of an all inclusive ASC software.


Emily Spooner 

ASC Consulting Services

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Maintaining high standards of patient care & operations


Expert insights & strategic guidance

Optimize workflow & enhance productivity

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Enhance patient outcomes & operational efficiency

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"I had the pleasure to work with Emily Spooner, who led the Surgical Center. I found her to be extraordinary in many ways. She was able to handle people well, negotiate contracts, facilitate new service development, and organize the staff and center in a manner that was well done from my perspective. Her extra efforts in the evenings were appreciated as she was willing to go the extra time and effort to make a patient experience possible."

- Tarun Mullick M.D.

"Ms. Spooner has strong communication and leadership skills. She can effectively facilitate, encourage and direct all team members. This includes physicians, mid-level providers and nurses, administrative staff, external vendors and when needed patients. She has an eye for detail and is extremely task oriented. This ability allows her to identify and correct office processes. Ms. Spooner has demonstrated from past employment outstanding vision for future opportunity and growth and can follow through and complete this vision."

- Kimberly Anderson APRN-BC CNM-BC

"Ms. Spooner has an outstanding outlook on achieving goals and doing what is ethically responsible for patients, staff, and facility. I highly recommend her for any task at which one would ask out of her.

One of the most challenging tasks to overcome was the building of an ambulatory surgical center in a minority community with limited resources. This administrative challenge was accomplished and successfully embraced by the community."

- Mike Hansen

"It has been our great pleasure to work with Emily Spooner in the Development, State Licensure, and Medical Certification for The Surgery Centers of North Texas ASC in Arlington, Texas.  Emily is a dynamic, self-starting, innovative individual with unbounded energy and foresight into achieving anything task present to her.  Our entire organization enjoys her quick wit, sense of humor, and dedication, all while working seven days a week to ensure the goal(s) was reached."

-Stephen Earnhart 

ASC Consulting 

Women making a difference in Ambulatory Healthcare

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